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Fran Flood
Extended Session Director

About Me

Fran Flood is a true 'home town' girl from Panama City, FL.  Fran was raised in the Millville area and graduated from Rutherford High School.  Fran met my husband, John, at Emmanual Baptist Church.  John and Fran spent twenty years in the US Air Force and had two children, Paul and Loren, who now have children of their own. Fran has five wonderful  grandchildren with whom she enjoys spending time.

As a child God began working in Fran's heart and Fran asked Him to come into her heart and forgive her of her sins at the age of seven.   Fran's church teachers discipled her and taught stories of the Bible and that God loves us.  Fran's parents were devoted Christians so she received her Christian heritage lived and taught on a daily basis.

Fran worked at Northside Baptist Church for almost 26 years and retired in June, 2012. Fran is now in transportation: transporting grandchildren to and from school, etc. and she loves it.  Fran's service to God as Extended Session Director at Carlisle Baptist Church is near and dear to her heart.  She counts it a privilege!